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Our Mission

CGSD is fully dedicated to the growth and development of each student. The school aims to provide broad, holistic, challenging and sound education in order to enable children to reach their full potential. Textbooks and schemes of work are chosen to accommodate and stimulate children of all abilities. The curriculum is carefully structured, regularly reviewed and updated.

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Deputy Head’s Message

Dear Esteemed Parents, Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Chittagong Grammar School – Dhaka, where we strongly believe that self-confidence is the

cornerstone of success, and its foundation lies in thorough preparation during school years. Our

institution is one that is dedicated to the ceaseless pursuit of preparing students with the skills and

values necessary to navigate life successfully. Our dedicated team of educators and staff continually

adapt to the evolving educational landscape, ensuring that students receive the necessary support they

need to realize their potential and gradually become future ready.

In our view, education transcends the confines of textbooks and classrooms. It encompasses a spectrum

of experiences beyond conventional learning methods. We have meticulously designed a curriculum

that seamlessly integrates extracurricular activities, outdoor expeditions, international and national

educational ventures, interactive technological engagement, collaborative peer interactions, honing of

public speaking skills, hands-on applications, and beyond.

Moreover, our institution thrives as a community-centric haven, valuing the profound impact of united

efforts. We maintain open channels of communication among parents, students, and educators,

fostering an environment of shared wisdom. Consistently, we promote platforms that facilitate

interaction and the exchange of innovative ideas. Hand in hand with both local and international

partners, we stand resolute in building upon our past accomplishments and forging a new path for the


With enthusiasm, we await many more chapters of excellence that lie ahead for our cherished

institution and the vibrant community it serves!


Rubaiyat Razzaque

Deputy Head of School

CGS-D Primary & Secondary


Head of Elementary's Message

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Elementary branch (housing Pre-Play to Class 2) of CGSD Dhaka. At CGSD-D Elementary, we have a team of exemplary teachers whose priority is to help create a fun and friendly environment where children can learn and grow. 

Throughout the year, we enrich our students with knowledge in English, Bangla, Maths, Science, Literature, BD Studies, Environmental Management, Moral studies, Art, IT and Mental Health Practises. We believe in the benefits of mindful activities and so we promote Yoga, Physical Education and Music sessions to give them a breathing space and to help them tap into their creative side. 

Our school understands the importance of cultivating social skills along with academics. We teach our students to be able to present their work, and give presentations from PG. Cultural events such as Pohela Boishakh, Pithha Uthshob are celebrated to teach our students about our wonderful heritage. Important National days such as Ekushey February, Bijoy Dibosh and Shadhinota Dibosh are also observed in school.

We look forward to welcoming all potential students to be a part of this wonderful journey at CGSD-D Elementary. We hope you can be a proud member of our beloved family, and help us reach higher than ever before. 


Ridwana Ali,

Head of Elementary

CGSD Values

  • Courage

  • Generosity

  • Service

Faculty & Staff

The team behind the success of CGSD

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