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For the Parents

Parents-Students-Teachers are the core of CGSD. Each child is unique and we ensure we give that unique service to each child.

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Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) are held three times each year. Parents are invited to come and meet teachers and discuss their child’s progress. They are encouraged to use this opportunity to discuss any school related issues. Other school related matters should be addressed through special appointments with the Class Coordinator, the Head of School or the Student Counsellor.

A Partnership with Parents

In order to get the most out of a student’s years at CGSD, it is essential for parents to establish an understanding and partnership with the management and teachers. The following guidelines are suggestions to help motivate students and build a successful working relationship between parents and the school:

  • Parents should keep in regular contact with their child’s teachers and update the school of any difficulties the child may be facing, primarily through diary notices. This in turn will allow teachers to be better equipped to deal with each child’s individual needs.

  • Absenteeism should be reported to the school initially by a phone call and followed by an email/application letter.

  • Reading regularly is a good habit and parents should cultivate this from infancy. Parents are encouraged set up time for regular reading at home.

  • Parents are encouraged to limit the hours spent on devices by their children.

  • Parents are advised to check diaries of students every day, and keep track of their homework and upcoming tests / assignments.

  • Parents should support their child to participate in the numerous special events, conferences, cultural and social programmes each year held by the school.


Throughout the academic year parents are invited to meet members of the senior staff at CGSD. Parents are urged to use these opportunities to express their views and put forward their suggestions and observations to build a positive working relationship with the school staff

School Calendar

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