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To keep our stellar one-to-one service to students high, we keep our class group size very limited. Henceforth, admissions to CGSD are quite competitive. Parents are advised to complete the forms carefully and submit them before the deadline. Candidates are then required to sit for an entrance test and appear for an interview.

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Pre-Play to Class 2

Admissions are open throughout the year for Pre-play to Class 2.

Class 3 - Class 7

Admissions are open throughout the year for Class 3 to 7

Class 8 to 10

Our O’level syllabus starts from Class 8, so last point of entry for new admission is Class 8.


CGSD student are expected to wear the following uniform at school, on outings and study tours.

Uniform Suppliers

The school has a designated tailor to ensure quality, standard and consistency.
Uniforms must be purchased from the school.
The school’s recommended vendor is Bata, as they have all sizes and required colours. Students are not allowed to wear shoes that are not recommended by the school.
All uniforms should be ordered from school tailor before August 1st in order to be ready by the start of the new session.


The administration and teachers of CGSD believe that students must commit themselves to learn and accept responsibility for their work and behaviour. Our goal is to instil qualities such as common courtesy, manners, respect for others, self-discipline, responsibility and accountability.

We expect students to behave responsibly, recognising the rights of others to be physically safe, emotionally secure and to pursue their own learning without interference. The CGSD administration, teachers and parents need to work together in order to help students respect and abide by the established rules. Both teachers and parents have the potential to exercise a positive influence on the students when setting clearly defined limits and providing appropriate consequences for behaviour.

Parents, guardians and students are required to become familiar with all the Rules and Regulations at CGSD, respect them at all times and adhere to the guidelines stipulated.

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