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Chittagong Grammar School - Grammar (CGSD), founded in 2010, has achieved distinction within the community as an institution committed to educational excellence.

The programme of study prepares students for ‘O’ Levels offered by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education)

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At CGSD-D Elementary, we have a team of champion teachers who are passionate about creating a secured and friendly environment. Our priority is to learn while having fun. Whether you are a student, a potential parent, an existing parent or just curious to know about how we brew magic in class, you are at the right place.

Throughout the year, we enrich our students with knowledge in English, Bangla, Maths, Science, Literature, BD Studies, Environmental Management, Moral studies, Art, IT and Global studies. Alongside our regular subjects, during this pandemic, we have thought about their healthy upbringing by introducing “Mind, Body and Soul program” where we conduct mindfulness, Yoga, Physical Education and Music sessions to keep our students busy in a constructive manner. We also educate our students on the Covid protocols.


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CGSD Primary-Secondary houses Class 3 – Class 10 in the Banani campus. Students begin to sit for term exams for the first time in Class 3 in their CGSD journey and more responsibilities will be shifted towards the students as the journey inches forward along the year. Moving on to Classes 4 and upward help to season the students into the CGSD philosophy more and more.

In addition, we have weekly classes called PSDW (Personal and Social Development Workshop), carried out by our esteemed team of Student Counsellors.

Academic subjects comprise of English, Math, Science, Bangla, Geography, Social Studies, Literature, History, Environmental Management, Art & IT. To facilitate flip learning and make classes more student-centric, CGSD introduces the subject Global Perspectives (GP) in Class 6-7, where students are encouraged to develop their research and presentation skills individually and in groups.
In Class 8, the O’ Level syllabus commences and students sit for the CAIE Checkpoint exams. The subjects that we offer for O’ Levels are: English Language, Mathematics D, Bangla, Bangladesh Studies, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Commerce, Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, Additional Mathematics, Computer Science, Environmental Management, Art and Design.

Another area which is being given a lot of focus in counselling. With the growing need, we have developed a brilliant team of in-house counsellors who look after student needs in all senses of the word by maintaining the required level of confidentiality. Shoulder to shoulder, we have a team of teachers who champion the students by being their friends outside classrooms and beyond class hours.

Along with the academics, CGSD believes in developing all-rounders for which we offer 16 clubs for Extra Curricular Activities, participation in the Duke of Edinburgh program and Model United Nation conferences both at national and international levels. In addition, the International Art competitions, Commonwealth Essay competitions and Olympiads are to name a few in which our students are highly encouraged to participate each year.


CGSD O’ Level Historical

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O level Results 2021

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Extra-Curricular Activities and Duke of Edinburgh Awards Programme are compulsory elements of our Academics.

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